Household & Hygiene
Cleanness that pays
Clean not always equals clean. Especially in the fields of housekeeping and hygiene the standards of cleanness are especially high. We can offer the best fibers for each requirement More...
Technical Industry
Professional and efficient!
In the technical industry the range of applications of our monofilaments is virtually unlimited. Remarkable properties and highest quality distinguish our products: B&W Monofilaments for all purposes. More...
Object & Street
For outstanding cleanness!
No matter which special brush you need for the cleaning of objects, we have the right monofilaments for it. Our large range leaves nothing to be desired also for the street cleaning. More...
Bottle brushes, fruit brushes, dishwashing brushes, scrubb-ing brushes, brooms, hand brooms, shoe brushes, clothes brushes, ceiling brushes, wall papering brushes, nail and bath brushes, etc.

Technical Data

Smooth, round or crimped, flaggable, various colours

PA 6, PA 66, PBT, PP, PET, PVC

Sweeping rollers, metal polishing brushes, special brushes for the automotive industry, strip brushes, brooms for the food industry, etc.
Technical Data

Range of diameters:
0,15 mm – 3 mm

round, oval, smooth or crimped

PA 6, PA 66, PBT, PET , PP, PVC

Sweeping rollers for cleaning machines, street brooms, sweeping rings, etc.
Technical Data

Range of diameters:
0,70 mm – 3,5 mm

round, oval, X-profile

PP, PA6, PA66,

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Optimal solutions, innovations and
perfect quality – made in Germany
Already in the nineteen fifties Braun & Wettberg Kunstborsten(R) developed household brushes with PVC filling for a wide range of applications. During the seventies we started with the production of PP fibres. Polyamid fibres have been part of our product portfolio since 1985.

Our special strength becomes obvious by continuously developed innovations – developed in our own centre of development – and the optimal translation of individual demands – for safe, sustainable, ethical and trend-setting plastic products.

All products manufactured by Braun & Wettberg Kunstborsten (R) are manufactured in Germany – this guarantees fast and best quality delivery and it saves time and money.
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